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Our experience with BMWs began in 1968, when we ordered our first BMW 2002. The local dealer had little experience with this new-to-the-U.S. brand, and love of the cars drew us into their inner workings. The repair manuals often lagged behind the cars, so independent mechanics were on equal footing with the new dealers: we were all learning at the same time. For example, we found ourselves tearing down carburetors of brand new but malfunctioning cars, and figuring out solutions to problems not foreseen by BMW.

The cars were terrific, however, and they found resounding success in the U.S. Still, there were bugs to sort out: overly soft suspensions; weak window cranks and door brakes; smog systems that seemed like afterthoughts. We were there at the birth of some great models, and we helped them live up to their reputation.

If you are fortunate enough to own one of the classic BMWs, it is still possible to bring it back to its fine original state, and perhaps even improve it a bit. For this purpose, H&B has two kinds of offerings: H&B Tuning Parts and Restoration Services.

H&B Tuning Parts for Classic Models

Beginning in 1978, H&B developed a range of tuning parts for the most popular BMW models. These included engine and suspension parts, instrumentation, and even special steering wheels. Thirty years later, many of these models are candidates for ground-up restoration. In response, H&B again offers the following parts from its design catalog.

Suspension Kits

These kits offer the finest quality springs with approximately 20% higher rate and 1.5” lower ride height as compared with the originals. Handling and cornering are improved without sacrifice of ride or compliance over bumps or potholes. Due to superior design, these will probably be the last spring/shock kits your car will ever need.

H&B chassis springs with matched, specially-valved Bilstein shocks are available for the following models

Model/Year Price
2002 $1195
2800CS/3.0 CS $1445

H&B 3-Piece Modular Road Wheels

H&B wheels have high-strength sand-cast aluminum alloy centers and spun, heat-treated, and polished aircraft alloy rim halves. Centers are epoxy-coated in silver; rims are made in Germany by BBS Racing. Composite construction gives these wheels a high strength-to-weight ratio. The H&B wheel has received five international design patents and copyrights and are available for the following models:

Model/Year/Product Price
6"x15" (front and rear)
for mounting 195/50R15 tires within stock fenders
$750 each
$3,000 set of four
6.5"x15" (front) and 7.5"x15" (rear)
for mounting 195/50R15 (f) and 205/50R15 (r) for use with wider, flared fenders such as the H&B FA21 kit or with the “turbo flares" of the 2002 tii turbo
$775 each front
$800 each rear
$3,150 set of four
6.5"x15" (front) and 7.5"x15" (rear)
for mounting 195/50R15 (f) and 205/50R15 (r) for use with stock fenders
$775 each front
$800 each rear
$2,850 set of four
3.0 cs & 2800 cs  
7"x16" (front) / 8"x16" (rear)
for mounting 205/55R16 and 225/50R16 tires under stock fenders
$900 each
$3,600 set of four
635 csi, M6, & all E23 7-series cars  
8"x16" (font/rear)
for mounting 245/45R16 tires within stock fenders
$900 each
$3,600 set of four

Aerodynamic Parts: Air Dams

H&B front air dams are made of high quality fiberglass and are primer-ready for painting. They are supplied with screws for attachment to the sheet metal valence below the front bumper.

2002 (has integral air ducts for front brakes) $300
3.0 CS (has integral air ducts for front brakes) $350
320i (E21) (specify before 1980 model or 1980>) $275
318i-325i (E30) Same style as E21, above. (Model years 1983-1987 (requires modification to fit lower valences 1986-87). This part is made of flexible urethane suitable for primer and paint with “flex” additive.) $225
E12 (530i–528i) (has integral air ducts for front brakes) $300
Bavaria (E3, includes 2500, 2800, 3.0S/S) (with integral air ducts for front brakes) $250

Restoration Services at H&B

By the late 1970s, H&B was doing complete rebuilds of the early BMW models. Some of this extensive work came from updates and improvements: carburetor overhauls; gearbox rebuilds with stronger bearings; complete engines with improved valve guides, seals, rocker arms, oil pumps, and so on.

This work led inevitably into the restoration of the most collectible models, such as the 3.0CS. To facilitate this work, we installed a complete machine shop for better control over the critical aspects of engine work: correct dimensions and tolerances.

Some models have not only aged well over the years, but have gained in value and reputation. We at H&B continue to do full restorations of these special models. Click the arrow or the photo, below, to browse through a start-to-completion example of a mechanical and exterior restoration of a 1973 3.0CS.

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