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Exceptional Service

At H&B, we’ve spent 45 years servicing, tuning, and restoring BMW, Mini, and now Audi vehicles. As much as we enjoy working on these fine cars, we also focus on the overall ownership experience. We offer advice about which maintenance items are most important, and how to adjust servicing to the owner’s driving style and budgets: what to do now; what to defer; for how long; and so forth. Tips on tires, types of oil, upcoming models and technologies, known problems and how to avoid them — these are all part of our daily conversations with our customers.

Read more about H&B’s approach to servicing your BMW or Mini.

  • Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:30pm; Thursday until 6:30pm
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment
  • Free loaner cars by reservation
  • Free shuttle to BART
  • Personal service at competitive prices
  • We maintain your new & extended warranties

Scheduling an Appointment

H&B works by appointment, though we do try to accommodate both emergencies and pre-purchase inspections. And with appointments, we have a generous, free loaner-car policy: just let us know your transportation needs, and we will try to meet them. To book an appointment at H&B, please call (510) 549-1515 or email Read more about H&B’s approach to servicing your BMW or Mini.

Audi - Sophistication of the Rally Experience

Audi has been producing some of the most exciting vehicles on the road today, with sophistication all their own. Since around 2000, Audi markedly improved the quality, performance, and longevity of its cars: we consider them to be on par in performance and luxury to BMW’s offerings, but with Audi’s distinctive style and rally inspired driving personality. We are pleased to own these cars ourselves, and two of our technicians are factory-trained by Audi. H&B has the latest Audi factory tools and diagnostic equipment to keep your Audi tuned and ready for the road, from routine maintenance to advanced diagnostics and programming."

Three Generations of the New Mini

We saw the birth of the first-generation “new” Mini Cooper at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2001 Though these marvelous cars were assembled in a brand new plant in Oxfordshire, the engines came from a new factory in Brazil resulting from a joint venture between BMW and Chrysler (before the Daimler Benz merger). These engines were fairly advanced in features and performance for their class. However, Daimler's acquisition of Chrysler changed the chemistry for BMW, putting it suddenly into partnership with an arch rival. These are all wonderful-driving cars which nevertheless experienced some teething problems. Specifically, with the early CVT automatic transmissions, power steering, and occasional issues of with oil consumption. These concerns and others were addressed in a number of service bulletins, extended limited warranties, and recalls. H&B endeavors to keep its Mini customers up to date and informed to help them keep their first gen Minis on the road.

The second-generation Mini (2007–13) incorporated two main changes. The car was stretched by 2.7 inches; and the engines now came from a joint venture with PSA Peugeot-Citroën in the north of France. This improved the engine supply logistics, while taking advantage of PSA’s advanced small-engine technologies. High gasoline taxes in France make fuel economy paramount, and these new engines were thriftier, but no less sporty, than their predecessors. During this period, models began to proliferate, including convertibles, a roadster, and the larger Countryman. All are loads of fun to drive, but some oil consumption issues (with no oil level gauge inside) make it extremely important to frequently check the oil level. Otherwise, early cam chain wear can create some expensive repairs. The French dipstick takes some getting used to, so owners are advised to come by for a demo.

The third-generation of Mini is now upon us. Their new engines are German, which should tame the oil consumption, and the reviews have been enthusiastic. Time will tell how they measure up to their forebears, but the prospect is good. H&B will be there with the latest technical information and training as these new models need service.

Condition-Based Service: What is it?

Beginning with model year 2002, BMW began phasing in a new type of service schedule for all its models. The first to get this was the ’02 745i; then the ’04 5-series; then the 3-series, and so on. The idea behind “condition-based servicing” is that the car knows what it will need and will remind you. Its needs will vary according to the amount of time and miles driven, but also according to the kind of driving done: whether mainly on the highway, around town, or mixed

In practice, this results in a variety of different messages on the dash display, from “brake linings” to “cabin air filter” to “brake fluid” to “vehicle check.” The challenge, then, is to piece all these items together in a coherent service plan so that your car’s reliability is maintained with a minimum of surprises. For this purpose, H&B has updated its service menus to integrate the newer “condition-based servicing” approach into regular servicing schedules. This incorporates newer, computer-based diagnostic routines along with the normal safety inspection and servicing

Emerging Technologies

The latest generation of BMW engines has now been on our roads for almost two years. These engines balance fewer cylinders with greater use of turbocharging. Where there were mostly six-cylinder engines in the U.S. models, there are now many more four-cylinder variants; where V-8s had dominated the flagship 6- and 7-series, are now also turbocharged sixes

Best in the Bay Area Resources

Over the years, we at H&B have worked with many people in the car business. We have favorite resources for services as diverse as car audio, detailing, towing . . . pretty much all of the services you occasionally need. These companies are reliable, reasonably priced, and very good at what they do. We are happy to recommend them.